Who We are

Children by nature are creative, curious, and aren’t afraid to take risks. These are essential qualities for entrepreneurship.

Produced with Purpose began with the desire to teach children the joys of entrepreneurship, and grew to encompass having them experience what it’s like to plan, think and sell like a business owner.

In 2017, we launched the First Annual Young Entrepreneurs Showcase. Bakers, fashion designers, artists, and jewelry creators – even a video blogger – have participated in our event!


Do you have a great business idea that you can’t wait to share with the world? At the event, you’ll experience marketing and selling your products for a profit. How great is that? We’re always looking for new young entrepreneurs currently in grades 3rd through 10th to participate in our event.

Ready to join us? CLICK HERE.

Parents – we need your support too. The purpose of our events is to have children work independently and look how to plan with an entrepreneurial approach. Upon registering, young entrepreneurs will be required to complete their business plan. Your role is to guide and supervise, but we ask that you commit to letting your children create their products, complete their business plan, and most importantly – shine on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES is a one day marketplace, held every year, where young entrepreneurs ages 8-15 (grades 3-10) bring their products and services to market. YES 2020 will be held at Dadeland Mall in Miami, FL on August 8, 2020.
Once approved, each entrepreneur must pay a registration fee of $30. This fee not only covers table set up (table and linens) and t-shirt, but is also the ordinary cost of doing business (we all have to pay rent right?).
All entrepreneurs should bring anything they need to effectively conduct a transaction and interact with customers (i.e. products, fliers, business cards, change, credit card reader).
We can't see where we are headed if our eyes are closed. The same is true with your business. In order to know where you are going, you need a plan. Upon registering for the event, you will receive the business plan template. Please complete it and return to us (via email at info@producedwithpurpose.org) within 3 weeks in order to secure your spot at the event. Your business plan will be displayed at your booth.
All vendors should arrive by 9:30am in order to register and set up their booth. If you know that your booth set-up requires more time, please arrive earlier. The event will begin at 11am until 3pm.
We recognize that future business leader may develop the spark for innovation and team building early in life. Please contact us with your specific situation if this is you.
While we want to provide this amazing opportunity to all young entrepreneurs, space is limited at our venue. Registration will only remain open subject to space availability. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER ON TIME.